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If you want to contact me for genealogical work through (you will have to join as an ’employer’ and then assign me), click here: William Roussyn ( If you want to contact me using other means, you can leave a comment anywhere on this blog.

2009-2012 – B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy and Psychology, Heythrop College, University of London (2:1)

2005-present – approximately seven-years experience of researching my own family history (since I was 15) as well as extensive research for a few close friends. I am very familiar with online genealogical websites/repositories (, FreeBMD, FamilySearch, etc.) and I can traverse their records easily. I also have valuable access to the Society of Genealogists library, which is located very close to where I live in London.

Currently, I only perform general, but comprehensive, research into family history; however, I am always extending my range of skills. At the moment, I’m learning Latin (in order to read the many historical documents that were written in the language) and palaeography (the deciphering of old handwriting), and also making steps towards learning German and the enhancement of my historical knowledge in the near-future.

1) Formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Juliet Jamieson (author of ‘Managing Asperger Syndrome at College and University’) in 2011. This will become more evident if you decide to read my articles, if my interest the putatively abstruse subject of the blog didn’t indicate this fact to you already.
2) In my spare time, I read poetry, prose, philosophy and P. G. Wodehouse (the 4 Ps) voraciously and – whenever I’m near to an instrument – I allegedly play the piano and whatever-comes-to-the-noggin on the guitar. It is only prudence, my limbs and the recoiling of ears who dictate that these shouldn’t be played simultaneously – at least by me… in any possible world.
3) On occassion, I draw bookplates and heraldic coats-of-arms; but I make sure this will become more frequent.
4) It’s difficult, and all too tiresome, to summarise my taste in music, although I wouldn’t call it ‘eclectic’ (only because saying it makes me cringe, even if it’s true… which it is). See here:
5) And according to external sources, my taste in pictorial/visual art is similarly vast and exhaustive (their summation not mine), so here is a list of a few artists who’ve struck me the most: Pisanello; Michelangelo; Raphael; Diego Velázquez; Auguste Rodin; Gustave Doré; Sandro Botticelli; Hans Holbein the Younger; William Blake; Andrei Rubelev; El Greco; M. C. Escher; Érik Desmazières; Lucian Freud; Francis Bacon; Ernst Haeckel; Dan Hillier; the unknown craftsmen and guild-members; and Anders Thiset (heraldic artist).
6) Some of my reading habits (since October-December 2012) can be found here: William Roussyn (Goodreads)

The Profile of the Genealogist

The Profile of the Genealogist